2dogsThe Affenpinscher is a happy combination of charm and pluck. A small dog with stamina, agility, and great courage, yet upon occasion displays sensitivity and gentleness. Unusually intelligent an quick to learn, the Affen possesses a thinking process one can only observe with disbelief.

It is fair to warn a prospective Affen owner that this breed often possesses a "big dog in a small body" mentality. This boldness makes it necessary to be cautious that your little "Rottweiler wannabe" does not inadvertently provoke an attack by a large dog. It is this same bold attitude, however, that also make them such a joy to own.

The Affen is a model dog with which to travel. They adjust readily to changing circumstances. They are clean and require a minimum amount of grooming. These little dogs are alert and ready at all times to protect their owner, his home and possessions.

The Affen takes himself very seriously, which, together with his high rate of intelligence and desire to please, accounts for his being such a tractable and obedient little fellow.

The Affen has a great many endearing little traits that you seldom find in other breeds. He will toss his toys in the air for long periods of time, walk on his back legs, looking like an organ grinder's monkey, tucking his tail beneath him and sitting on his spine with back legs extended. Covering all of the Affen's charming characteristics would take too long, but talk to Affen owners and you soon will discover why they say "Bet you can't own just one!"