AKC Internet Coordinator


Assist AKC in monitoring, correcting, and updating AKC website for posted information regarding the Affenpinscher breed and the Affenpinscher Club of America.

Key Responsibilities

  • Regularly monitor / review the AKC website for Affenpinscher related information.
  • Respond to AKC with any referred question or request for assistance related to AKC website information.
  • Coordinate with AKC, ACA Board and members in providing any information needs, corrections, and/or images for the AKC website.

Time commitment

Varies 1-10+ hours/month --- basic review/monitoring vs effort to obtain new/revised materials and work with AKC on publication to their website.

Note: this position is similar to Social Media but is distinct given different requirements of the AKC.

Skills, abilities, interests useful to this role

Knowledge of breed standard, club background/organization. Communication and follow through/follow up skills.