Meet the Breed Chair


Coordinate Club resources to educate the public about Affenpinschers at Meet the Breed (“MTB”) events.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop educational materials (banners, brochures, booth displays, etc.)
  • Schedule and recruit volunteers for events
  • Identify and coordinate with AKC and local Kennel Club hosting MTB events.
  • Coordinate shipping of materials, set up, and break down.
  • Coach volunteers on key talking points, appropriate answers to questions, and restrictions.
  • Monitor and report results of event.

Time commitment

1 hour bi-monthly to report to Board and provide article to newsletter.

MTB event related time commitment varies – 10-20 hours preparation for major event, actual events may be a single day with designated time slot or may be a full day or multi-day show.

Skills, abilities, interests useful to this role

People and dog friendly communication skills. Organization and scheduling. Recruiting and managing volunteers. Knowledge of the standard and the breed.