Ways & Means


Raise funds as needed to meet the ACA’s budgetary goals and to enable the ACA to fulfill its mission to protect and advance the interests of the breed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Determine budgetary fundraising needs as provided by the President, Treasurer, and Board.
  • Ensure regular fundraising activities are planned, organized, and executed effectively.
  • Provide general oversight, coordination, and assistance for delegated activities such as:
    • Sale of brand/logo items at events (and potentially via “online store”)
    • Annual banquet auction
    • Other means as identified and approved by Board.
  • Report monthly to Board on activities and results.

Time commitment

Varies month to month; significant time commitment leading up to and at National Specialty event and banquet (ensuring sufficient volunteers to assist, maintaining oversight etc.).

Skills, abilities, interests useful to this role

Leadership, coordination, delegation.  Good follow up and follow through organization skills.  Scheduling.  Basic understanding of income/expense and budgeting.  Creative ideas for developing new sources of revenue (items, events, activities, advertising).