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The Annual Meeting shall be held on the same date as the National Specialty Show to be held between March 15th and September 30th of each year. The date and location of the Annual Meeting and National Specialty Show must be set, by the Board of Directors, at least a year in advance. Notice of the meeting shall appear in the Club newsletter published at least one month prior to the month the meeting is to be held. The quorum for the annual meeting shall be 10% of the members in good standing including one executive officer. (Associate members do not count in determining a quorum.)


Special Club meetings may be called by the President or by a majority vote of the Board who are present at a meeting of the Board or who vote by mail and shall be called by the Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by 10% of the members of the Club who are in good standing. Such meetings shall be held at such place, date, and hour as may be designated by the Board of Directors. Written notice of such meeting shall be mailed or e-mailed by the Recording Secretary at least 14 days and not more than 30 days prior to the meeting. The notice of the meeting shall state the purpose of the meeting and no other club business may be transacted

The quorum for such a meeting shall be 10% of the members in good standing including one executive officer.


The first meeting of the newly elected board shall be held within 60 days of the beginning of the operating year, October 1st. Other meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at such times and places as are designated by the President or by a majority vote of the entire Board. A minimum of one Board Meeting must be held each calendar quarter. The quorum for a Board Meeting shall be a majority of the Board voting in person or by videoconference or teleconference..


Meetings: The Board of Directors may hold meetings, in person or by videoconference or teleconference.

Business (voting) can be conducted at meetings or through mail, fax or e-mail. In order for business to be conducted by e-mail the following must occur:

  1. Every board member must be provided with the means to participate;
  2. A procedure must be in place to verify the identity of the individuals participating, to ensure that they are eligible board members;
  3. A mechanism must be in place to insure that the board members are “listening”;
  4. All board members must agree to participate in this manner.

Clubs may send members notification of club meetings; dues notices; minutes and newsletters via e-mail. Affirmative action shall require the support of the majority of the entire Board. Written minutes shall be prepared of all business conducted and be subject to confirmation within 15 days whether by mail, e mail or at a meeting of the Board.


In the event of an emergency, declared by local, state, or national government, or in the event of damage to the site of the meeting which renders it unusable, the President, or in the absence of the President, the Vice President, with the consent of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, given individually, may postpone any meeting authorized in Sections 1, 2,and 3 of this article, for no longer than sixty days. Any business mandated to be conducted at a meeting by these bylaws shall be conducted after such postponement.


Donna Wolfe
Corresponding Secretary
327 Whittier Street
Highland Village, TX 75077
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