Oklahoma City Kennel Club Inc (2)

    JUDGE: Mrs Elaine J Lessig
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
39 HOWLER IRON MAN. TS497389/04. 11/18/2020. BREEDER: Cynthia Levario Brittany Phelps Kathrine Levario. By GCHS CH Yarrow Hitech Benjamin Bunny-GCHB CH Crea Diam Rosalie. OWNER: Brenda Cook.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
21 KAYCEES ROCKIN THE RAINBOW AT AZTEC SUN. TS484230/01. 09/12/2020. BREEDER: Terry Benefit. By Pollysilk Holly-Hox-Kaycees Ms Priss. OWNER: Jo Acton and Terry Benefit.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
1 *
49 POLLYSILK MOMOTARO. RKF57756/29. 05/07/2020. BREEDER: Polina Shelkovskaya. By Douche Pollysilk Vom Sonwendfteinblic-Pollysilk Cat Call. OWNER: Christine Donda.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
1/W *
25 ENCHANTE'S LIONHEART ST. GERMAIN. TS453776/01. 07/23/2019. BREEDER: Cameron Riegel and Barry Leece. By GCH Galfox Enchante's Tanqueray-Die Fesche Lola V Tani Kazari. OWNER: Cameron Riegel Barry Leece Joyce&George Vaughn.
11 TAMARIN TAIL END. TS454425/01. 12/07/2019. BREEDER: Tamarin Kennel. By GCHB CH Tamarin Tanner-Tamarin Temple. OWNER: Matthew Mullin & Adam J Tavares III.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
36 HOWLER I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER. TS497389/03. 11/18/2020. BREEDER: Cynthia Levario & B Phelps & K Levario. By GchS Ch Yarrow Hi-Tech Benjamin Bunny-GchB Ch Crea Diem Rosalie. OWNER: Cynthia Levario & K Levario & B Phelps.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
A *
40 CIRCLE LEGEND MONKEY BTS I WOKE UP LIKE THIS. TS504406/02. 07/06/2020. BREEDER: Woo Lee. By CH Tamarin Trebeck-Circle Legend Only One. OWNER: Cameron Riegel Barry Leece Kerry McKinnon.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitches .
1 *
52 FERLIN COBBLER'S SOLACE UNDER THE MISTLETOE. TS80776/01. 12/25/2017. BREEDER: Linda Ferris & Evelyn Shoemaker. By Gch Ch Tony Baloney V Tani Kazari-Ch Ferlins Cobbler's Victorian Lace. OWNER: Betty Grotophorst & Linda Ferris.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
4 *
14 GIZMO FERLIN'S PLAYMATE. TS442003/01. 07/25/2019. BREEDER: Kathie TImko & Linda Ferris. By GCHB CH Tamarin Tanner-GCH CH Ferlin Gizmo's Game Play. OWNER: Kathie Timko & Linda Ferris.
3 *
16 FERLIN GIZMO'S WORTH EVERY MOMENT. TS446054/01. 07/30/2019. BREEDER: Linda Ferris & Kathie Timko. By CH Donnybrook Truly's Thomas-GCH CH Ferlin's & Gizmo's Worth The Effort. OWNER: Linda Ferris & Kathie Timko.
2/RW *
22 HOWLER GEMMS AFRODITE IMANI. TS497389/01. 11/18/2020. BREEDER: Cynthia Levario Brittany Phelps Katherine Levario. By GCHS Yarrow HiTech Benjamin Bunny-GCHB Crea Diem Rosalie. OWNER: EARL MILLER GREG GREGERSON.
30 TAMARIN TENILLE. TS414290/01. 01/11/2018. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Tamarin Tebow-Tamarin Touche. OWNER: Tamarin Knl Reg.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Open Bitches .
10 TAMARIN TAPIOCA. TS440134/01. 08/02/2019. BREEDER: TAMARIN KNL. By GCH Ch Ch Tamarin Tiki Tom Tom-Ch Ch Tamarin Two Step. OWNER: Dail P Corl.
28 COACHLIGHT N HIGH NOON'S FIDDLE-DEE-DEE. TS472664/01. 04/14/2020. BREEDER: Monte and Sheila Wymore. By CH Coachlight Aff-Ter N Always Born To Run-Coachlight's Aff-Ter And Always. OWNER: Lisa Carpenter and Sheila Wymore.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Best of Breed Competition .
  5 CH COACHLIGHT AFF-TER BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. TS427602/04. 03/15/2019. Dog. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Coachlight Aff-Ter N Always Born To Run-Coachlight's Aff-Ter N Always. OWNER: Sheila A Wymore & Monte Wymore.
6 GCH TAMARIN TANSY. TS414288/03. 01/19/2019. Bitch. BREEDER: Tamarin Knl. By Ch Ch Tamarin Type Cast-Ch Ch Tamarin Two Step. OWNER: Barbara Barth.
8 GCH CH DONNYBROOK TRULY JUDY AT GIZMO. TS412715/01. 01/09/2019. Bitch. BREEDER: Thomas Langston & John T Ward. By GCHB CH Tamarin Tanner-CH Tamarin Truly at Donnybrook. OWNER: Kathie Timko Linda Ferris & Katie Timko.
12 Ch TAMARIN TABATHA. TS454428/01. 10/10/2019. Bitch. BREEDER: Tamarin Knl. By GCH Tamarin Tailback-Tamarin Tinkerbelle. OWNER: Barbara Barth.
15 Ch BAKER'S ACRES WOLLY BULLY MONKEY. TS442545/01. 06/25/2019. Dog. BREEDER: Linda V Baker. By GchB Ch Lakewoods Mambo Man-Ch Lakewoods Once Upon A Moon. OWNER: Linda V Baker.
19 GCHG CH TAMARIN TATTOO. TS356464/02. 06/15/2017. Dog. BREEDER: Tamarin Knl. By GCHG CH Tamarin Tailback-Tamarin Touche. OWNER: Laura McIngvale Brown & Doyle Girouard. AGENT: Alfonso Escobedo.
  24 Ch DONNYBROOK'S SUNDAY. TS476613/02. 05/03/2020. Bitch. BREEDER: Billye & Tom Ward. By Gch Ch Circle Legend Monkey Zico-Ch Donnybrook Truly Sunshine. OWNER: Shannon Biszantz.
A *
27 CH ENCHANTE'S PI IN THE SKY. TS376287/03. 03/14/2018. Dog. BREEDER: Cameron Riegel & Barry Leece & Wendy Galbreath. By CH Crea Diem In The Jungle-CH Tamarin Twyla. OWNER: Cameron Riegel Barry Leece Wendy Galbreath.
  37 CH DONNYBROOK'S JACK TAMARIN. TS345372/01. 04/18/2017. Dog. BREEDER: John T Ward & T J Langston & Tamarin Knl. By Donnybrook Truly's Thomas-Ch Tamarin Tanya. OWNER: Dorene & Rebecca Cross. AGENT: Kelsey Jesseph.
38 GCHB CH CREA DIEM ROSALIE. TS401270/01. 02/26/2018. Bitch. BREEDER: Nina Olsem Wikstrom. By Avantgarde Sundance Kid-Urax Black Rose. OWNER: Cynthia Levario & Brittany PHelps.
A *
42 GCH COBBLER FERLIN'S BRAZEN GILLETTE. TS314590/01. 04/18/2016. Bitch. BREEDER: Evelyn Shoemaker & Linda Ferris. By GCHS Enchante's Razrr Sharp Dutamarin-Ch Coco Nuts V Tani Kazari. OWNER: Cameron Riegel & Barry Leece & Linda Ferris.
44 CH WILDFLOWERS NAUGHTY MISS DAISY. TS446876/04. 06/30/2019. Bitch. BREEDER: carol mann and nancy baybutt. By GCH Pramada's Naughty Some Like It Hot-Sienna Golds Wildflower Petal. OWNER: cindy fortin.
  47 DONNYBROOK'S MIRACULOUS ANDY SWIFT. TS420757/01. 03/24/2019. Dog. BREEDER: John Thomas Ward & Thomas Langston &Terran Lanston. By Ch Yarrow's Hi-tech Time Traveler-Ch Donnybrook Truly Sunshine. OWNER: Lisa A Swift & Richard Swift & John T Ward.
    AFFENPINSCHERS, Veteran Special Attraction .
18 GCHS CH FERLIN'S MUSTANG SALLY. TS183034/02. 08/24/2013. Bitch. BREEDER: Linda M Ferris & Sharon Boyd. By CH Coachlight FrolicN Highwayman-CH Ferlin's It's All About The Journey. OWNER: Kathie Timko & Linda Ferris.
20 CH FERLIN'S & GIZMO'S WORTH THE EFFORT. TS148212/01. 09/06/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: Kathie Timko & Linda Ferris & Katie Timko. By Ch Ferlin's It's All About Me-Ch Gizmo's Dancing Queen. OWNER: Linda M Ferris.
1 *
33 CH MACH FERLIN'S BLACK JAGUAR CAX FCAT CGCu. TS183034/05. 08/24/2013. Dog. BREEDER: Linda M Ferris & Sharon Boyd. By Ch Coachlight FrolicN Highwayman-Ch Ferlin's It's All About The Journey. OWNER: Sharon Rafferty & Linda Ferris.
A *
41 GCHS CH TAMARIN TRUE GRIT. TS194080/01. 10/25/2013. Dog. BREEDER: Tamarin Kennel. By Gch Ch Enchantes Razr Sharp Du Tamarin-Ch Tamarin Teana. OWNER: Shannon Biszantz.