Affens in Wine Country, 2023 Syracuse, New York
I would like to provide all our members of the ACA where we are currently in planning for our upcoming 2023 Specialty

Our logo “Affens in Wine Country” hopefully brings to mind that our National is being held in the midst of the 5 fingers of lakes encompassing Upstate New York’s wine region. In recent years this region has become well known for producing fine wines This logo will be on our T-shirts and other possible items to be preordered or you can purchase at the shows. More Info later.

Our National is being held in conjunction with the Salt City Cluster ( March 30-April 2, 2023) at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York. This Cluster was formed 41 years ago and has called the fairgrounds their home.
This location is in easy access of the NYS Thruway and south on exit 39, approximately an 8-10 min drive on 690 max.

I have been working with the specialty chair of the Cluster and they have been very attentive to our wishes and for that I’m grateful. There will not be a concurrent specialty as per the Cluster. A designated specialty will be held on Saturday the 1st of April with our judge Mrs Elaine Lessig. Our Sweeps judge with be Mr Jerome Cushman who I’m thrilled we are having

There will be 3 supported shows. As of now we have been advised of our judges for Friday, Mr Steve Hermann, and Sunday will be Mr, Desi Murphy We are still waiting to hear on Thursday’s judge. Information will be forthcoming.

There are multiple hotels in the area, a list will be made available at a later date in the newsletetter should you not wish to stay at the host hotel. Marjie Odle is currently canvassing local hotels to see who would best serve our purposes.

Our Trophy Chair, Carol Duran, has been working diligently in gathering ideas for possible trophies. Our memberships will be coming due shortly and I would like to please prevail upon your generosity in also donating to our trophy fund for the 2023 National. We are given a sum from the National club but we definitely count on your donations to augment our trophy fund and I’m sure we can do that again.

I would also like you to think of items that you may wish to donate to our auction and our silent auction which is also a feature of our Saturday night banquet. Would you please get ahold of me, , for now advising us of your auction items.
I’m almost certain that we will be doing a buffet, more details later.

That is all I have for now and as more Information becomes available I will be passing this along.

Yours in Affens

Sandra Lex

Donate to the 2023 Trophy Fund