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 Affenpinscher Club of America Supported Entry NEWS! We are planning a Lunch 'N Learn on Thursday (1/2) and Friday (1/3) before groups start - time and topic each day to be announced. Bring your lunch and learn "Grooming Techniques" with Carri Beaver and "All About the Affenpinscher" - for breeders and exhibitors - knowing your standard and movement with our Judge's Education Chair, Pam Peat. Join us for Monkey Madness and Majors in Palm Springs! Entries close 12/18/13 - Jack Bradshaw.

Pam Peat is organizing an ACA Supported Entry at the Toy Dog Breeders Association of So California. The dates are January 2 and 3, 2014 in Palm Springs, CA. The Judges are Thursday: Robert Widden - who specifically asked to judge Affens! Friday: Norman Patton

We will be having trophies in addition to the Toy Dog Club trophies, an assigned ring and anything else we want to make it special, per Jill. Pam Peat will be asking for help and donations for the trophies and also ideas that will make the event special. TDBASC will also support the Affen entry with one size larger rosettes than those that we usually provide for BOB, BOW and BOS.

The Toy Club Trophies are as follows:


BOB: Burgundy Sherpa Crate Mat

BOS: 16oz ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cup

BOW: 8oz ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cup

Puppy: 7” Zanies Tiny Tugger Toy


BOB: Slumber Pet Ivory/Black Paw Print Crate Mat

BOS: 25oz Silicon Bend-A-Bowl Travel Water Bowl

BOW: 12 oz Silicon Bend-A-Bowl Travel Water Bowl

BBE: Red and Blue Heart Tugger Toy

If you would like to help contact Pam Peat at or call 480-473-4776 (Home). 


Donna Wolfe
Corresponding Secretary
327 Whittier Street
Highland Village, TX 75077
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